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Comprehensive Repairs

Our highly skilled and experienced mechanics include the original owner of De Ver Cycles. Peter has 40 years of experience with all types of bikes. We offer same day servicing for all bikes booked in advance and you can drop you bikes off any time. To arrange for a bike service or if you simply want a puncture repaired please call us on 1300 245 373.

Adjustment Services @$99

This is like your cars minor service. Finding faults early can save you a lot of expense and keep you safe on the road.
We recommend this service for recreational cyclists or simply to make sure everything is ready and working for your next race.

Overall safety check of your bike, adjustment of brakes and gears, drive train checked and lubricated. (cassette, dérailleur, chain, chain rings), all cables are lubricated, chain oiled, minor wheel true ad a bike clean.

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Strip and Rebuild $299

After a few years faithful service your bike is going to need an overhaul. Most bikes come out like new after this. The starting point for a full restoration. This is a complete strip and rebuild.

  • Overall safety check of your bike
  • Adjustment of brakes
  • Replacement of gear cables (inner and outer)
  • Removal , cleaning and lubrication ofof gearing system
  • Though clean of your bike including removal of break residue on rims
  • Removal and clean of the drive train\
  • Brake cables replaced (inner and outer)
  • Chain cleaned and oiled
  • Wheels trued in jig
  • Bottom bracket re-packed with new bearings (if applicable)
  • Headset re-packed and new bearings ( If applicable)
  • Wheel cones re-packed with new bearings (if applicable)

Replacement of parts may incur extra labour charges.

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